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Matte white laser printable waterproof sticker sheets 'thread' [66128]

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'Thread' Self adhesive film coated polyester sheets that allow you to instantly create durable, multi-purpose signs and stickers.

Great for both outdoor and indoor applications, self adhesive film combine the tear proof, moisture repellent, soil resistant qualities of plastic with the printing fidelity and colour brilliance of high quality photo paper.

The strong self adhesive sticks to any smooth , clean surface.

Type: Color Laser White Matte Polyester Film
Size A4 - 210 x 297mm (full sheet)
Printers Most Newer Color Laser Printers
Color Matt White
Thickness (overall) 240um
Film thickness 90ums (0.09mm)
Adhesive Permanent
Outdoor Life Toner Dependent
Note: Useful outdoor life of this media depends on the life of the toner used.
Packs 50 sheets (not free post)