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'sushi' Super Clear adhesive inkjet printable sticker sheets A4 [66282]

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✔️ EXTREMELY DURABLE WATERPROOF PRINTABLE VINYL MATERIAL - Fast drying photo quality print. withstands outdoor wear-and-tear very ✔️ SCRATCH AND TEAR RESISTANT - Clear printable vinyl endures minor scratches and is nearly impossible to tear. ✔️NO-JAM printing. THIN & FLEXIBLE = means minimal jamming during printing - no need for hand feeding!

✔️ VINYL = A MUST - For the serious artist who is using a plotter/cutter - You will appreciate the vinyl printable and cuttable surface. Firstly these stickers feel really ‘nice’ and soft, so you are producing a professional quality product. Secondly the vinyl is easy to cut and produces a clean cutout or kiss-cut result.

✔️ IDEAL BACKING SHEET - We have many creative customers who sell their decal stickers on sheets. This can require you to KISS CUT such that the individual decals are removed by the client.

✔️ BACKING SHEET MUST BE WHITE✔️AND UNPRINTED✔️ Our Glassine backing sheets may also be printed - this can be a GAME CHANGER✔️ because you can print application notes, your identity etc - typically “need more stickers contact me…” of course this is low resolution quality print.

✔️ PRINT COMPATIBLE (INKJET ONLY) – Sticker paper is A4 sized and anti-jamming, so you can use it for home or office inkjet printers (NOT suitable for laser). The multi-purpose labels can be used for shipping labels or any type of arts and craft work to meet all your needs. For those using cutter/plotters: Optimal results when making stickers, allow the ink to dry for a few minutes to allow the inkjet print to harden, before cutting out or use in the cutter.