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Squeegee dual purpose, blue, felt, 100mm wide [66270]

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Felt+straight edge squeegee 100mm wide - [66270]
  • Offers both a soft felt edge and a plastic straight edge.
  • Perfect for all adhesive film applications and won't scratch during installation
  • 10cm x 7cm

Hand Applicator Squeegee Blue

1. Blue Applicator is nylon reinforced to keep its edge and last longer than ordinary squeegees.
2. Useful for either window film, protective laminate sheet or any other adhesive film/paper application.
3. For Use with Carbon fiber and Wood Grain Vinyls, Wrap films.
4. This reusable squeegee-type applicator is constructed of durable vinyl. When hand applying adhesive film/sheets, it is the perfect solution for smooth surfaces.

This inexpensive, reusable squeegee-type applicator is flexible yet durable. When hand applying adhesive sheets, this tool is the perfect solution general purpose removal of creases and air bubbles.


Size: 100 x 70 x 7mm
Weight: 24g