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'Kiwi' waterproof sticker paper - thin sheets A4 inkjet (glossy white)[66281]

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✔️ MULTIPURPOSE – Premium permanent self-adhesive white glossy paper-based. 80gsm stickers can be used for many different purposes such as various labels, art decals, and craft work, cricut machine use, and any type of general labeling. ✔️ QUALITY PRINT - Photo quality and instant dry printing on virtually all inkjet printers.

✔️ PREMIUM GLOSSY PAPER FINISH – Smooth white glossy finish increases colour visibility when you print graphics and photographs. This finish makes images stand out!

✔️‘ANTI-JAM PRINTING - Thin and flexible sheets allowing it to be used with inkjet printer sheet feeders - no need to hand feed sheets in one by one. This may save you HEAPS of time!!

✔️ HIGH QUALITY ADHESIVE – a high-quality adhesive ensures the sticker will create a permanent, long-lasting bond to any clean surface.

✔️ VINYL = A MUST - For the serious artist who is using a plotter/cutter - You will appreciate the vinyl printable and cuttable surface. Stickers feel really ‘nice’ and soft. Also vinyl is easy to cut and produces a clean cutout or kiss-cut result.

✔️ IDEAL BACKING SHEET    - We have many creative customers who sell their decal stickers on sheets. This can require you to KISS CUT such that the individual decals are removed by the client.


Our Glassine backing sheets may also be printed - this can be a GAME CHANGER✔️ because you can print application notes, your identity etc - typically “need more stickers contact me…” of course this is low resolution quality print.

✔️ PRINT COMPATIBLE (INKJET ONLY) – Sticker paper is A4 sized and anti-jamming, so you can use it for home or office inkjet printers (NOT suitable for laser). The multi-purpose labels can be used for shipping labels or any type of arts and craft work to meet all your needs. 

For those using cutter/plotters: Optimal results when making stickers, allow the ink to dry for a few minutes to allow the inkjet print to harden, before cutting out or use in the cutter.

  ♦ vinyl bumper sticker sheets  ♦ Gloss white water resistant  ♦ Aqueous Inkjet printable (pigment ink for longer life)  ♦ Permanent adhesive  ♦ Backing sheet is paper like  ♦ A4 sheets