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'cup' Duracopy Synthetic paper designed as Permanent Paper [66138]

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Durable, tear and stain resistant film for imaging by xerographic process, providing a dense black or colour image on a bright white background. Film is designed for use in virtually all copiers.


Matt White Opaque Film that provides excellent colour saturation, print resolution, print resolution and high quality output. Can be printed on either side.


  • White Opaque Film
  • Ruggedised Weather proof Paper 
  • Tear proof, grease proof, archival 
  • Double sided 
  • A4 size, 100gsm 
  • Print with Digital Copiers, Laser Printers (Colour and Mono), offset and plan printing as well as marker pens (permanent).


  • Great for Maps
  • Maintenance sheets/books 
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Plans and Technical Drawings 
  • Menus 
  • Tags and any application where there is a need for long-lasting performance.